Emerging from Queens College, our passion for technology has inspired us to build an organization that will mutually benefit the students and the community.

Powered by students, for the students
We dedicate ourselves to help students expand their horizons by providing unique skills and experiences to better prepare them for their future. In TechClub, students deal with real-world projects because we believe that the best way to learn is to build.
What We Do
Quality that speaks for itself
Delivering high quality product is our priority. In TechClub, we ensure that the work produced by our members meet the client’s expectations. Members learn to meet real world expectations by completing projects that are acquired from startups and small business at a low cost. Have a project for us?
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We currently are invite only, we encourage you to get in contact with us by providing your email and we will touch base with you once a spot has opened.
Clients & Partners
Amazing clients & partners relationships
With the help of the industry leading icons, we have built strong chains with people that trust in our capability and have high expectations of TechClub.