Who we are

With top notch student members with backgrounds of Computer Science, Marketing, Design, Business and Legal Studies, TechClub is a unique organization that extends its hands to help startups and small business so they can achieve success in their industry.

Our Services

01 Design
Graphic Design, Web Design, User Experience (UX) Design, Creative Design.
02 Development
Web Development, WordPress Development, App Development, E-Commerce Development.
03 Marketing
Web SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Digital Strategy.
04 Training
We provide free training and experiences for students. We intend to keep it this way so our current members can do the same for future members to come.

Our Team

Charlie Lin
Carlos A. Beltran
Zifang Huang
Team Leader
Navidur Rahman
System Administrator
Hui Lin
Kevin Reinoso
Xin Yuan
Victor Singh